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Harnessing the Power of Nature


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“Our goal is to disrupt the current status quo within the fossil fuelled energy sector & produce positive outcomes for all stakeholders.”

United Power
River in gorge

H Harnessing the power of nature in its many forms.

We provide clean and stable energy solutions for future generations. Our in-house engineers research the best sustainable options for your needs, this may include;

  • Solar photovoltaic
  • Solar thermal
  • Solar Hydrogen
  • Or any combination of these with or without energy storage solutions.

We provide you with the best solution for your power requirements.

Energy Storage Solutions

S storage

Energy storage is the key to successfully implementing renewable energy solutions. Without appropriate storage, solar energy is only available 50% of the time. This continues reliance on fossil fuels when the sun is not shining. We work with you to determine the best solution and fully utilise all of the captured renewable energy to provide a 24 hour, 100% renewable energy solution.

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